About Us

"The Future [of healthcare technology] is here—it's just not very evenly distributed"

Our Purpose

When William Golding said that the future was ‘already here, it just wasn’t very evenly distributed,’ he was not talking about healthcare technology specifically. But here at Toehold Learning, we see tremendous validity in his statement applied to the healthcare industry. 

There are dozens of emerging technologies re-shaping the landscape of healthcare, but easy access to quality information about these technologies can be difficult to find. News sources for the healthcare industry may provide just enough for a soundbite at your next cocktail party, but that is not enough to make a difference at your facility. Most articles do not provide the robust information needed to help professionals fully understand the changes that are afoot, which is critical for these professionals to keep their facilities operating at the forefront of medicine. The learning resources at Toehold are designed to help professionals stay on top of the game.

Healthcare professionals also struggle to find the new companies using amazing innovations and emerging technologies to create value for facilities around the country. Their email inbox is flooded with unsolicited emails from companies, filled with links they cannot click without opening their facilities up to cybersecurity risk. Google’s algorithms prioritize only the major companies, and does not filter companies that address specific problems at care facilities. 

And it can be difficult to remember which of the 100 companies you saw at a conference vendor showroom are relevant to solve a healthcare facility’s problem years after the event.

The solutions research tool helps healthcare professionals find the amazing new companies using innovative technologies and approaches to solve the problems at their care facilities.

Our goal is to connecting healthcare professionals with quality learning materials on emerging technologies and provide access to the new companies working to help care providers create a healthier, cheaper future for our country. Doing this will help distribute the future of healthcare much more evenly.

What do we do?

We share tools, information, and strategies with professionals creating a healthier future through technology.

Who are we?

Together, we’re a community of healthcare professionals and innovators, committed to using emerging technologies and new solutions to create better health outcomes.

Our Leadership

Mark Ulett, Ph.D.


Mark brings a background in innovative education and has worked across a variety of disciplines and contexts over the previous 12 years. Prior to working to build Toehold learning, he taught at Duke University and worked in adult training and development, working to bring innovative educational solutions and new technologies to advance training and professional development. With experience in writing, journal editing, and creating innovative learning materials on science and technology, he is eager to bring his work into healthcare.

Mark earned degrees in Biology and the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine from The University of King’s College, Leeds University, and a Ph.D. from Arizona State University.

John Ulett


John brings experience as  a VP of Information Systems and CIO in healthcare since 1999. Prior to that he gained a breath of business and technical knowledge working for software companies such as Microsoft and industry leaders in managed care, manufacturing and education software. The unique problems each industry faced was fertile training for a career in healthcare IT. This formed an organizational and problem solving perspective not often brought to healthcare.

Ulett earned a B.A in Business Administration from Seattle Pacific University in 1978. 

Our Advisors

Rachel Schaeffer

Rachel spent the past two decades in business development, channel management and sales for healthcare and technology companies. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise in business development, PR, Marketing, digital media, and events.

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