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The Chatbot Challenge

While many professionals know that chatbots are an emerging technology, not everyone knows how easy they are to build, thanks to free or inexpensive tools.

The Toehold Learning Chatbot Challenge invites professionals working at care facilities to build their own bots—to learn by doing! No coding required, and we’ll send you everything you need to get started!

The process is simple:

  1. Pick a use case,
  2. Build a bot,
  3. Win prizes and fame.

Whether you build a simple bot or one with AI, this friendly competition is for you!

The Toehold Learning Chatbot Challenge encourages creativity, teamwork, and project-based training. (Open to everyone, unless you build chatbots professionally)

Chatty McMedBot says: "You should join us. It's rad and you'll totally win!"
  • 1,200 for First Place!!
  • 600 for Second Place!!
  • 300 for Third Place!!
  • All Semi-finalists win 100 Lifetime Toehold Learning Memberships for their organization! ($2999/year value).

Why Sign Up?

  • Win Cash, Prizes, & Glory!
  • It's Free to Enter
  • Build employee morale, encourage creativity, improve learning.​
  • Gain recognition for your team
  • We send you everything you need to get started! No coding required.

Public voting will determine the semi-finalists.

The winners will be selected by industry experts!

Teams who have signed up
Your % Chance of winning


  • Submission: August 31, 2018
  • Public Voting: September 7-14, 2018
  • Challenge Event (online): September 21, 2018 @ 2pm EDT

Not sure you have what it takes? Think again.

Building a healthcare chatbot isn't brain surgery

This article explains the basic process and shows a wide range of use cases. Check it out!

How to build a healthcare chatbot in 30 minutes—a step-by-step guide

We show you how easy it can be to build a prototype chatbot for the healthcare setting. We built ours, and we'll show you how!

Our Panel of Expert Judges!

This panel of industry experts is going to help determine the final winner of the challenge!

Sandra Powell
@HackenSack Meridian

Sandra is the VP of Life Sciences and Innovation, coordinating the Life Sciences Research Enterprise at the Center for Discovery and Innovation. She is an expert at leveraging internal and external innovation to expand access and quality of care.

Hon Pak
@ 3M Health IS

Hon is the Chief Medical Officer at 3M HIS and brings 25 years experience as a physician leader in healthcare. He has steered many organizations towards sustainable, profitable growth and is also an entrepreneur and subject matter expert in mobile health, Telehealth, and health IT.

Bob Gold
@GoMo Health

One of the world's leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years experience and research into the behavioral and cognitive sciences, Bob focuses his energy on crafting clinical care plans based on remote care coordination, transitions of care, and telehealth.

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