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We live in an exciting era of tech change, wouldn’t you agree? Excitement can turn to worry pretty fast when your career is on the line, however.

Is HealthTech changing too quickly for you to keep up? Are you too busy to spend hours studying the new tools re-shaping healthcare? By 2024, Health Tech will be a $379B industry. Keeping up is getting harder.

We don’t think it should be hard for professionals to use new tools to solve problems. 

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Blockchain .    Chatbots.     FHIR.     Robotic Process Automation.     Artificial Intelligence.     Digital Twin.     Wearables.     Big Data Analytics.     Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.     Internet of Things.     Precision Medicine.     3D Printing.     Rea-Time Location services.     Network Cybersecurity.     Telemedicine.     IoT Security.     Cloud Computing.     Robots.     Ingestible Technology.     Fog Computing.     Quantum Computing.

We are designing courses to help you improve your performance at work. (Coming Summer 2018)

  • Evaluating and Selecting Vendors
  • Creating RFPs that deliver
  • Designing Use Cases for Change

Avoid feeling like you don’t have the right tools to solve problems at your care facility. Don’t waste your time reading hype-filled tech news. It may leave you misinformed and further behind. What if you could save time, money, and come away ahead?

With Toehold Learning, we’re confident you will feel excited about technology and the future. Empowered with new tools and knowledge, you’ll become a tech-savvy problem solver!

"Toehold" (noun)

A small,  significant advantage 

useful for future progress.

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